Tailored Massage Experience in Folsom, CA

Massage Services

Indulge in our spa services, designed to pamper and rejuvenate, with a range of treatments tailored to elevate your senses and restore balance to body and mind.

Relaxation Oasis

Rosemood Spa is your serene escape, a calming sanctuary dedicated to rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit. Located right here in Folsom, we’re proud to pamper the good people of Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, and surrounding communities. Our goal is to give you a tailored luxury spa experience to help you relax and feel re-energized. We want to create a peaceful spot where you can get away from daily stresses and treat yourself.

Our Team

The key to our great spa experiences is our wonderful team. Each one is an extensively trained, licensed pro with extensive training in a variety of massage techniques so we can customize the session to each person’s needs. But they bring way more than just technical skill. Our team has a genuine passion for helping others find peace and well-being. They know each client needs more than just physical relief—you also want to feel better emotionally and mentally. When you arrive, they’ll take the time to really listen, understand what you want, and design a personal plan tailored just for you.

Hand-Crafted Retreat

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be swept away by Rosemood Spa’s serene ambiance. Our space was meticulously designed by a renowned local craftsman. The intricate masonry, soothing LED lighting, and cozy fireplace create an atmosphere of pure luxury. Yet without the luxury price tag. At Rosemood Spa, we believe the environment matters for enjoying the spa. That’s why we have gone to great lengths to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease, allowing you to unwind and relax from the moment you step through our doors.

A renowned local artisan created the exquisite stonework and details. Indulge in the luxury of state-of-the-art showers featuring integrated speakers and bespoke water features—a lavish experience typically exclusive to high-end spas. When you arrive, you’ll see beautiful masonry designs setting the mood. Soft lighting and a cozy fireplace create a soothing vibe throughout. We offer fancy facilities without the high prices. Indulge in a luxurious showering experience with our state-of-the-art showers, featuring built-in Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes while you unwind. These showers also boast sophisticated water features typically found in high-end homes, ensuring that you feel thoroughly pampered and rejuvenated.

Customized Services

We offer a full menu of massage styles to restore your body and calm your mind. At Rosemood Spa, we offer a wide range of massages to suit different needs.

  • Stressed? Try our relaxing Swedish massage for relaxing, gentle strokes that melt away stress. Or a deep tissue massage to really dig into those persistent muscle knots.
  • Have chronic aches? Our deep tissue massage targets sore muscles.
  • Expecting moms can luxuriate with our prenatal massage tailored for their needs.

We also have prenatal massages, revitalizing salt scrubs, Thai massages to rebalance energy, aromatic hot stone massages to melt tension—you name it. Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, a respite from stress, or simply a moment of pure bliss, our skilled massage therapists are here to provide the personalized care you deserve.

For the ultimate pampering, try our revitalizing Akasuri body scrub or aromatic hot stone massage. These indulgent treatments combine massage with exfoliation, heat, and aromatherapy. If you crave deeper relaxation, explore our Thai massage rooted in ancient techniques. Or our herbal Thai treatment designed to rebalance your energy.

Safety is Our Priority

In these times, we go above and beyond to ensure your peace of mind. Our team rigorously sanitizes all rooms and surfaces between each visit. At Rose Mood Spa, your well-being is our top priority. We understand that the past year has been challenging for many individuals. Rest assured that you can unwind with us in a completely comfortable and safe environment. We adhere strictly to all sanitation protocols and thoroughly disinfect our facilities between each session, ensuring your peace of mind and relaxation.

We also believe open communication builds trust. So please, let us know about any concerns or special needs. We also encourage open communication. Any questions or requests? Our helpful team will assist you. Building trust is essential for ensuring that you have the best possible experience during your massage session. Our goal is to create a comfortable, relaxing environment where you can fully unwind and enjoy the benefits of your treatment.


No matter where you call home, Rose Mood Spa is your premium massage destination. Visit our spa sanctuary in Folsom. Discover our skilled therapists, luxurious amenities, and commitment to your wellbeing.

We can’t wait to welcome you for an unforgettable journey into total relaxation and rejuvenation. Book online or call 916-260-5359. We’re conveniently located at 7700 Folsom-Auburn Road #110 in Folsom. We eagerly await welcoming you to our relaxing oasis.

Each visit to Rosemood Spa is a chance to hit pause on the chaos of daily life. To surrender your stresses and rediscover your inner calm. At Rosemood Spa, we believe self-care has transformative power. Let us guide your journey to relaxation, rejuvenation and renewed wellness. Visit and see why we’re the favored luxury spa for savvy clients in Folsom and surrounding areas. Join us soon and experience the healing power of massage. You deserve it.