Hot Stone

Tailored Massage Experience in Folsom, CA

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage

Escape to serenity with Aromatic Hot Stone Massage at Rosemood Spa, Folsom, CA. Our skilled therapists use warm stones and soothing scents to melt tension, leaving you deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Total Relaxation

Treat yourself to the best relaxation ever with an aromatic hot stone massage at Rosemood Spa in Folsom, California. It’s a calming escape from the daily grind. Our talented massage therapists use smooth, heated stones and soothing essential oils to give you an awesome spa experience.

Heat and Aromatherapy

Aromatic hot stone massage is special. It uses heat and aromatherapy to help you relax and recharge. Our massage therapists use smooth, heated basalt stones. The stones release warmth deep into your muscles. This melts away tension and stress. The heat also boosts circulation, loosens muscles, and helps your body release toxins.

We also diffuse nice-smelling essential oils during the massage. This makes the room smell amazing. And it soothes your mind and lifts your spirit. The heat and aromas together create a treatment that engages all your senses. You’ll feel refreshed, renewed and pampered.

Benefits of Hot Stone

An aromatic hot stone massage offers tons of benefits, like:

  • Promoting deep muscle relaxation
  • Relieving stress
  • Improving circulation and lymph flow
  • Easing muscle tension and pain
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Boosting immunity
  • Enhancing sleep
  • Leaving skin soft and glowing

The Rosemood Spa Experience

At Rosemood Spa, we go above and beyond to give you a great experience. Our peaceful spa is easy to get to – we’re at Folsom Lake Crossing and Auburn Folsom Road. We offer a sanctuary where calm and expertise come together.

Our beautiful facility has lots of amazing details. A top local contractor designed it. From the eye-catching masonry entrance to the cozy fireplace and mood lighting, everything encourages relaxation. Treat yourself to our high-tech showers with Bluetooth and fancy water fixtures you’d expect in a luxury home.

Our certified massage therapists have over 20 years combined experience. We use eco-friendly products and meet the highest safety standards – so you can fully relax.

Pricing and Booking

Give yourself or someone special the gift of relaxation with an aromatic hot stone massage. Our prices are:

  • 75-minute massage: $95.00
  • 105-minute massage: $125.00

Prices are subject to change at anytime*

Book your appointment on our website or call 916-260-5359. Booking ahead secures your preferred time.

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Whether you live in Folsom, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills or nearby, Rosemood Spa is the place for luxury spa treatments. Our hot stone massage is just one of many amazing services we offer. We also provide Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, body scrubs, Thai massage and more.

Experience a truly luxurious spa without the premium price tag. See for yourself and book online. Let us take you to a world of serenity and renewal. Your wellbeing is our top concern. We look forward to serving you!