Deep Tissue Massage

Tailored Massage Experience in Folsom, CA

Deep Tissue Massage – Folsom, CA

At Rosemood Spa in Folsom, CA, we invite you to experience the therapeutic benefits of Deep Tissue Massage. Our skilled therapists specialize in this technique, targeting deep muscle layers with precision. Through firm pressure and expert strokes, we alleviate tension, restore balance, and promote relaxation and mobility.

Healing Power of Deep Tissue

At Rosemood Spa, we are massage experts renowned for our deep tissue massages. Our skilled therapists use firm, targeted pressure to reach deep into muscle layers, providing relief from chronic pain, tightness, and tension that regular relaxation massages cannot achieve.

What is a Deep Tissue?

A deep tissue massage applies slow, strong strokes to penetrate beyond the surface and reach deeper muscles and connective tissues. Unlike a Swedish massage focused solely on relaxation, the increased pressure of a deep tissue massage penetrates much further, effectively breaking down adhesions and scar tissue for maximum tension release.

The Transformative Benefits

  1. Eases Chronic Aches: For people with ongoing issues like lower back pain, neck tension, or sciatic nerve discomfort, the deep pressure reaches hidden problem areas, reducing flare-ups and improving mobility.
  2. Loosens Tight Muscles: By focusing on tight, knotted spots, the firm strokes help overworked deep muscle layers release and relax, increasing flexibility and comfort.
  3. Supports Good Posture: The deep pressure also realigns deeper muscles, promoting improved posture and reducing strain and discomfort from imbalances.
  4. Enhances Athletic Ability: For active individuals, deep tissue massage boosts performance by easing muscle tension, soreness, and aiding recovery, keeping muscles flexible for peak condition.
  5. Relieves Stress: While intense, deep tissue massage still promotes deep relaxation, providing both physical and mental relief by releasing long-held tensions.

Customized Care

Our expert massage therapists personalize each session to match your needs, locating areas of concern and using customized techniques to best support you. Our peaceful spa environment allows you to fully unwind during your treatment.


  • 60 Minutes: $80.00
  • 90 Minutes: $120.00
  • 120 Minutes: $160.00

Prices are subject to change at any time*

Contact us at 916-260-5359 to schedule your deep tissue massage. Advance booking ensures you get your preferred time.

Comparing Massage Types

While both deep tissue and Swedish massages relieve muscle issues, deep tissue massage uses deeper pressure, specifically targeting chronic muscle pain and imbalances. Swedish massage is lighter and focuses on promoting general relaxation.

Experience Profound Relief

Rosemood Spa offers premier deep-tissue massage services.

Whether you live in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay or surrounding areas, we invite you to experience our unmatched therapeutic experience. Don’t tolerate persistent aches and pains – our talented team can help you unwind and feel better from head to toe.

Book your massage now and start your journey to relief.